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Karisma–Stimulation of Collagen Production–Anti–Aging
Pressure's new product, KARISMA, is an injectable, bioabsorbable solution that naturally restores skin structure in pre-aging conditions as it renews the extracellular space.

This is validated by its well thought out and tailored dosage of ingredients that offer guaranteed long-lasting results.

KARISMA is indicated for moderate corrections of facial skin imperfections due to aging and/or volume loss. It is suitable for patients who wish to reduce facial or lip imperfections, correct facial contours or correct problems in the subcutaneous tissue. In addition, it has the ability to fill post-traumatic and/or minor surgical scars (e.g. acne scars).
  1. Increases the production of C-peptide procollagen type 1 in fibroblasts. This type of peptide, facilitates the association of procollagen molecules into triple helix formation within the endoplasmic reticulum.
  2. Provides an anti-aging effect on the dermis: It inhibits the action of Hyaluronidase and preserves endogenous Hyaluronic Acid, while remaining in the tissues, it continues to have a moisturizing effect and deeply regenerates the tissues.
  3. Participates in creating an environment friendly to fibroblast proliferation and metabolism.

Features of KARISMA
  • NATURAL: Formulated exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of chemical cross-linking agents
  • BIOLOGICAL: Completely Biocompatible, it promotes the internal regenerative capacity of the skin
  • SAFE: Hypoallergenic, respects the natural origin of the substances
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