Facial Therapies
The patient lies comfortably on the bed and the Celluma device is placed at a short distance from the patient's face.

Protective goggles are fitted because the light intensity is quite strong. However, it does not cause a temperature rise or discomfort, nor is it likely to cause a burn as there is no heat source.
This procedure stimulates the deeper tissues of the skin resulting in a general tightening and hydration, improvement of skin tone and texture, smoothing of the color and in many cases smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.

It generally has applications in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation but also in the treatment of precancerous skin lesions (epitheliomas, actinic hyperkeratosis), in combination with topical medication.

It has excellent results in the fight against inflammation in acne due to the well-known P. Acnes, due to the sensitivity of the porphyrins of the bacteria to certain wavelengths. It also reduces the redness of the skin and significantly reduces pimples.
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