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Beautif-Eye Nanosoft
What exactly is the beautif-eye NANOSOFT treatment?

The beautif-eye nanosoft bio-rejuvenation treatment improves skin quality with the characteristic meso therapeutic cocktail of 59 active ingredients (new cellular treatment factor) in combination with the innovative nanosoft micro-injection device. The device consists of 3 micro-needles which are the smallest on the market (0.6mm) to ensure optimal results with visible results from the very first session. The device was manufactured to provide the patient with a completely painless treatment without micro-injuries (bruises), high precision and safety in injecting at the right depth and without loss of material. Main indications are dark circles and small wrinkles periorbitally.
Why should I choose the beautif-eye nanosoft treatment?

Because it provides absolute safety, easy application and is a targeted treatment for the treatment of aging. With millions of applications worldwide and CE medical device approval, beautif-eye nanosoft is the number 1 choice that provides radiance, hydration, elasticity & firming. In addition, the improvement in micro-circulation and skin tone change is evident from the first session. It is the ultimate treatment for tired eyes, dark circles and fine wrinkles.

What is Nanosoft?

Nanosoft is an innovative certified micro-injection device, specifically designed for the injection of Nctf 135 HA mesotherapy into sensitive areas of the face such as periocular, and "crow’s feet" where maximum precision in terms of depth of penetration is required.

What exactly does beautif-eye nanosoft contain?

The mesotherapeutic cocktail of the beautif-eye treatment is based on biotechnology hyaluronic acid for absolute safety and biocompatibility, strictly following the European CE safety standards. It is an excellent cocktail of nourishing and restorative ingredients to hydrate and reconstruct the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid (5 mg/ml) that is hypoallergenic, biocompatible and biodegradable, combined with 59 other ingredients.

What are the additional ingredients of the treatment?
  • Vitamins - including A, B, C and E to stimulate vital cell functions
  • Metals - to correct skin deficiencies
  • Nucleic acids - to activate cellular communication
  • Amino acids - to strengthen collagen and elastin
  • Coenzymes - to prevent biochemical reactions
  • Antioxidants and ascorbic acid for free radicals

When should I do the beautif-eye every time?

The basic beautif-eye nanosoft treatment protocol is 3 applications, one every 15 days. Then, going into maintenance mode, one application every 3-4 months. However, the frequency of applications, is modulated on a case by case basis.

Can beautif-eye nanosoft be combined with other treatments?

It combines perfectly with periocular medical peels, which contain acid blends for regeneration, whitening and brightening.

Do I need any preparation before proceeding with the beautif-eye nanosoft treatment?

This is a painless treatment that requires no preparation by the patient. No topical anesthetic is needed. Finally, beautif-eye nanosoft can be safely applied all months of the year. Meet her at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab.
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