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Pre-Wedding Skin Party
It's a program that I and my assistants have created with the goal of a glowing and fresh appearance on the big day, full of confidence. It came about as a real need since I often found myself in the uncomfortable position of refusing to give treatments to prospective brides, resulting in my unwittingly disappointing them.... For what reason?

Either because the result would not have had time to show until the wedding, or because the treatment carries the risk of minor complications such as a mild swelling, a small bruise that would otherwise not be a problem as it is temporary, but what bride wants to go to her wedding bruised?
So, we created a schedule that starts about 6 months before the big day and escalates up to the last week before the ceremony. Briefly, the more invasive treatments are done earlier, followed by skin quality therapies and culminating in the final straight of pre-wedding applications that will elevate the makeup, enhance it and make it last longer.

The same goes for the co-stars, mothers, bridesmaids, grooms and groomsmen. I could tell you more about this program but I'm afraid I would do it justice, so come and meet us, have a friendly chat and let me tell you all our secrets...

This program can be part of the Total Body Make Over where we undertake to make together, you me and my team a concerted effort to improve your appearance, lose, the extra pounds and live in the body we have always dreamed of...
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