Facial Therapies
Skin aging is a natural phenomenon leading to loss of skin elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, as well as skin loosening. Itis not attributed solely to genetic factors, but also to environmental, such as sunlight and fumes, as well as of course poor dietary habits, lack of sleep and smoking. Nowadays, these changes can be slowed down and we can contribute to the deceleration of face aging. 

Ever since human kind was in its infancy, aging was of great concern not only for common people but also for scientists and spiritual people, some of whom dedicated whole books in  natural or invasive anti-aging treatments at all costs. After all, nobody can forget Dorian Greyand his story, where he sold his soul to the devil for preserving his youth eternally.  
Using cosmetic dermatology and its continuous evolvement, Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab recommends the most modern and safest anti-aging methods and treatments.
One of the most popular and effective anti-aging treatments when dealing with expression wrinkles of the upper face and neck.

Hyaluronic Acid Implants
Hypoallegrenic implants that restore the lost hyaluronic acid of the skin, resulting in filling the wrinkles from within and offering the face its lost youthfulness. 

PDO Threads
The use of PDO threads is an innovative and safe technique, in which the areas of the face and body that have been loosened due to aging, thin skin and lack of elasticity become lifted. 

Whether injectible or not, this is a mostly preventive treatment aiming at the deep hydration of the skin with hyaluronic acid or vitamins, both substances of powerful anti-aging action. 

PRP Autologous Facial Mesotherapy 
With this innovative, revolutionary method of mesotherapy using autologous serum with platelets and enhancing factors from the same individual, a biological boost and improvement of the face structure is accomplished. 

Fractional Laser
Either on its own or in combination with PRP, Fractional Laser succeeds in assisting the production of collagen and therefore leads to a more youthful, shinier and firmer face. 

Ultrasound-RF Therapy
This is the absolute non-invasive treatment combining ultrasounds and radiofrequences, in order to encounter  loose skin, smoothen wrinkles, produce new collagen and tighten the face and neck.
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