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Information on Ultrasound - RF Technology
Ultrasound – RF technology at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is the absolute non-invasive treatment for encountering loose skin, smoothen wrinkles, produce new collagen and tighten the face and neck. It is the beauty secret of many Hollywood stars!
Sonar signals (ultrasound therapy) in combination with radiowaves (RF) constitute the most modern and new advancements offered today by cosmetic dermatology. Both men and women may remove years from their looks and enjoy a youthful appearance through new generation technology of concentrated ultrasounds and radiofrequences.
Ultrasound-RF Therapy as Facial Treament
This s an innovative method of instant lift without the scalpel, with a totally natural lifting and firming outcome.  The treatment can even be applied to the most sensitive spots on the face, such as the eyes, upper and lower lid, the oval of the face, the neck and bust. 

How Is Ultrasound-RF Therapy Performed?  
Through the innovative Ultrasound technology, the advantages of ultrasounds and RF radiowaves are combined, towards achieving the optimal result in face firming and rejuvenation. During the process, a small head on the skin is applied. This head injects radiofrequences and located ultrasounds in the deepest layers, but the only thing the patient feels is heat.  Sonar waves combined with radiowaves awaken fibroblasts, act to the deepest skin layers, stimulate new collagen production and skin tissue, resulting in a lifting effect. The facial treatment lasts 30 minutes, is painless and the patient can instantly return to daily activities. 

How Effective Is Ultrasound-RF Therapy? 
Using Ultrasound-RF Therapy, an improvement by 40% - 70% in facial shaping is noticed, while about six applications are required for the optimal outcome, depending on each skin type requirements. 
Natural, radical and in depth skin regeneration, firming and toning is accomplished and more specifically:
  • Firming the neck and face
  • Eliminating thin lines an wrinkles 
  • Restoring the oval of the face
  • Reducing deep wrinkles and wrinkles of expression
  • Drastically encountering double chin without surgery or injections
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