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Botox for Migraines
Botox for Migraines
Migraine is not a simple headache that can go away walking in the fresh air or taking a light pain reliever. This pain, which is located on one side of the head, is unbearable, making it difficult for the person who suffers to endure it and, of course, it occurs regardless of age or sex. Migraine belongs to primary pains, those who appear independently of another condition. Migraine is often accompanied by hypersensitivity to light, intense sounds and smells.
Botox, with its ability to paralyze the muscles, helps relieve migraine sufferers, especially those with chronic migraines, that is, those who have suffered for more than 15 days a year. Botox medicine is injected into key areas where pain is detected, such as in the front, side and back muscles of the head, as well as in the neck and back of the patients. It is important to emphasize that in the case of migraine Botox treatment is used to reduce migraine frequency and not to eliminate it, and that is why it is sometimes combined with conventional medication. If this treatment proves to be effective, it is recommended to repeat every 3-4 months, and of course it is a treatment  performed only by specialised doctors in proper clinics, such as Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, which is a pioneer and helps relieve migraine that is increasingly troubling people. Botox against migraine, like any other medicine, can have side effects such as mild pain, tenderness and swelling at the injection site and, more rarely, eyelid dropping, which is of course reversible.
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