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Thread Lift
Thread Facelift
Injectible lifting through PDO threads, administered at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, is an innovative and safe method reducing face loosening and offers a lifting sense at the loosened tissues without the scalpel!
It is inevitable that all skin types will eventually become loosened. Especially in the chin, cheeks, neck area and under the chin, skin becomes particularly loosened, revealing the beginning of aging in a way that is more apparent than wrinkles themselves. 

PDO threads, applied at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, are the most discreet and effective lifting procedure available right now among cosmetic treatments, succeeding in visible skin rejuvenation for a youthful face without loosening. The process takes about the same as a lunch would and is non invasive, while coming with zero recovery time allowing you to return to your daily tasks right away.
PDO Thread Facelift
PDO Threat Facelift, administered at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, is ideal for those withmild to significant loosening that do not wish to proceed with surgery. It is suitable for individuals over 35 years of age appearing the first signs of skin loosening, after abrupt weight loss, as well as for photoaged or genetically thin skin. 

Threads are placed horizontally or vertically on the spots requiring skin tightening (the neck, forehead, glabella, the oval of the face, bust) in a way that lifts the area. They are placed after simple, topical anesthesia has been administered. The number of the threads to be used is not pre-determined, but depends on each area and each separate problem. Research has shown that the microinjury caused by inserting the threads actually stimulates new collagen and hyaluronic acid production, leading to the continuation of their production even after the life span of the threads has been completed. 

How Is Thread Facelift  Performed? 
PDO face threads are in reality the surgical stiches we all know and have been used successfully over the years in surgical medicine, mostly in cardiology and opthalmology. The specific theads are made of two substances, polyactic acid and polydioxanone (PDO). Over time, these substances are hydrolyzed slowly and predictably within a time duration of 180 – 240 days. Thus they are absorbed from the surrounding tissue of the area in which they were applied. This ensures that you will not have a foreign object within your skin.  

Thread Facelift Advantages
The most important thing about this minimally invasive method is the fact that the person gets a smooth, tight and lifted face right away, without any scars or marks, since there are no incisions. Given that no special preparation is required for PDO facelift threads to be applied, you can proceed with the treatment at any time. In fact, you can return to your social or professional activities right away, since no recovery time is needed. In addition, rarely are complications addressed, since the substances do not remain permanentally within the body and instead it is absorbed within 6-8 months. Despite that, the result may last up to 2 years, since there might occur optimisation of collagen production in the process. 

How Is Thigh Thread Lift Performed? 
The action and use of PDO threads is not limited to facelift. Since there are various sizes and diameters in threads, specialised dermatologists and plastic surgeons at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab can apply them on the body. So they succeed in instantly tightening and lifting the thighs, buttocks, arms, breast and even the belly. Thread biodegradation is completed within 6 months when they are fully absorbed. However, in thistime duration the body has created a complex of collagen and elastic fibres around the threads we has applied and therefore the results of the treatment last from twelve to sixteen months.
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