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Facial Mesotherapy
Facial Mesotherapy
Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is always an ally to women and men battling with time and seeking eternal beauty and youth. One of the most important tools in this battle is indeed mesotherapy,  which has already been known since mid 1950s. This treatment started becming more known mostly when chemical ingredients were replaced by more natural toxins, such as hyaluronic acid. The term mesotherapy is not referred to a specifictreatment, but to an injection technique which used to be applied to mesoderm. Nowadays, these injections might be done on different layers, but a necessary requirement is that multiple small injections take place, so that the used substances are spread properly.
Over time, the percentage of valuable skin substances is decreased, resulting in dehydration, blurry looks, lack of elasticity and of course wrinkles. Simple mesotherapy, as a mild anti-aging method, may restore the decreased percentage and support the skin in a natural way. Depending on each case, specialised doctors at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab will select the proper ingredients that will be injected in the face, bust or arms, with the following most frequently used ingredients:
  • Hyaluronic acid, when seeking to smoothen wrinkles and boosting hydration. 
  • Vitamin and trace elements complexes, when needing to smoothen the skin texture and restore its firmness. 
  • Lipolytic factors, when in need of containing fat accumulation in a small area, such as under the chin or the eyes. 
Over the past few years, autologous PRP mesotherapy is more popular. In this treatment, dermatologists and plastic surgeons at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab have been specialised. Practically, blood is sampled by the same person who is going to proceed with the autologous mesotherapy. After the proper processing  (centrifugation, addition of substances boosting enhancing factors etc.), the processed ingredient is used as injectable substance through mesotherapy technique. This treatment lasts about 1 hour and is absolutely safe, since the substance used has been received by the same person. Recovery time is minimum, with few bruises appearing right after treatment. However, in general the person may instantly return to daily routine. 

The results of simple, as well as autologous PRP mesotreatment, last long. Still, some time is needed before they appear, sine the body requires time to create skin regeneration conditions. The ultimate desired outcome is cumulatively succeeded. To that end, repetitive sessions might be required approximately once a month, depending on the case assessed by specialised doctors at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab.

Botox has a capacity of paralysing muscles and therefore comes to relieve those suffering from migraines, especially those with chronic migraines, meaning whoever suffers from over 15 days a year. Botox medicine is injected in spots where the pain is located, such as the muscles of the frontal, side and back head, as well as the neck and back of the patients.

It is important to point out that in case of migraine, Botox treatment is used to reduce its occurrence and not eliminate it. Therefore, in most cases such treatment is combined with conventional pharmaceutical treatment. Since this treatment has been proven effective, repetition at intervals of 3-4 months is recommended. Of course, this is a treatment only administered by specialised doctors in proper facilities, such as Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, which innovates and contributes to the relief of migraine troubling a substantial part of the world. Botox against migraine, as well as any medicine, may have side effects such as mild pain, sensitivity and swelling at the point of injection and, more rarely, eyelid ptosis, which is of course reversible.
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