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All about Baby Botox
Whoever has watched the “Wolf in Wall Street” movie knows how much the director Martin Scorsese got angry at the frozen, rigid faces of the actors. So Baby Botox was born and came to settle the fight between  actors and directors, since the former wanted a wrinkles-free face and the latter sought after natural facial expressions. Baby Botox is a breakthrough of Hollywood dermatologists, which became accepted with enthusiasm first in England and then in the rest of Europe. At Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, using smaller doses of the same drastic substance, we have immediate results that are ideal for those seeking to decrease their wrinkles without freezing their expressions or raising their eyebrows. This new revolutionary trend in cosmetic dermatology has been treasured by a wide spectrum of ages and types of people. Among them many people who have opposed to cosmetic surgeries of this sort in the past.
When Can I Proceed with Baby Botox?
Baby Botox can be applied preventively even to younger people in whom wrinkles, due to their increased expressiveness, have begun to form even when the face is relaxed but have not yet deepened and fixed. The term Baby Botox, of course, does not describe the application of Botox to babies, but refers to the application of smaller doses of the medicine that inhibit wrinkle fixation. Baby Botox can also be used at older ages for maintenance but has been more successful at ages below 30 years old, as a preventative method. In general, suitable candidates for Baby Botox have wrinkles and fine lines that are only visible when approaching very close to a mirror.  

Differences between Baby Botox and Botox
Baby Botox uses exactly the same medicine as Botox, botulinum toxin, dissolved, just like in Botox, in NaCl 0.9%. The difference is that smaller doses of the medicine are used in different areas of injection. Given that Baby Botox does not target wrinkles directly, medicine is injected in areas according to the specific problem and at a more epidermal level, like in mesotherapy, while in each injection smaller doses of the medicine are released. At Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, specialised dermatologists and plastic surgeons create a personalised program for each individual, taking into consideration each face’s distinctive features and needs, guaranteeing impressive results that last long. 

Where Is Baby Botox Applied?
Baby botox at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is basically applied on: 
  • Thin lines in the outer eyes (crow’s feet)
  • The forehead and glabella, where the first thin lines appear on a young face. Frown lines usually appear first. 
  • Neck wrinkles and especially the intense lines formed by platysma.  
  • Smokers’ upper lip wrinkles. 
It is important to remember that neck and lip wrinkles as a whole constitute proof of advanced aging. Therefore, Baby Botox is considered inefficient and Botox is recommended.

Does Baby Botox Come with Side Effects?
Due to its epidermal application and the small quantity of medicine,  Baby Botox does not come with grave side effects, besides occasional bruising or ecchymosis. This happens provided that Botox is administered by special dermatologists or plastic surgeons in proper facilities, such as Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab. In cases of bruising, ice can be used for quick recovery, although in all cases this is a side effect that will disappear within thee days and it can easily be covered using make-up. In minimum cases, there is headache or feeling of heaviness during the first days after Baby Botox application, but it fades away quickly.

What to Do after Baby Botox
Even though Baby Botox treatment is very light and requires less recovery time than Botox, there are certain guidelines to be followed for the optimal treatment results:
  • After treatment, you should remain in a standing position for approximately 3 hours. 
  • Intense workouts must be avoided for the next three days after treatment. 
  • It is best to avoid alcohol and aspirin consumption up to three days after treatment. 
  • You should avoid rubbing the areas where Baby Botox was injected for up to three days after treatment.
  • The use of very hot water is not recommended, as well as hair salon techniques heating the areas where Botox has been injected. 

How Effective Is Baby Botox?
Baby Botox is a revolutionary method of cosmetic medicine. Baby Botox application at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab prevents the face from freezing, maintaining the expressiveness entirely natural and the outcome totally untraceable. This is essential for people like actors, who aim at expressiveness above all and so this treatment is also known as actors botox. Facial expressions are not affected at all, while at the same time thin lines are eliminated. The small quantity used in Baby Botox enables muscular movement, but to a smaller extent. So wrinkles are less deep and the whole face looks rejuvenated. Since the trend of a frozen and wrinkle-free face has begun fading away, more and younger people have turned to Baby Botox for a glowing, youthful and expressive face.
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