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Laser Alexandrite
Information about Laser Alexandrite
Laser Alexandrite by Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab produces light through the stimulation of a crystal, targeting the melanin of the hair follicle cells. Melanin is a dark coloured pigment, which is produced by skin melanocytes and is responsible for the skin and hair colour. When the laser light is shed to cells containing melanin, it is fully absorbed by this pigmentand results in the damage of the cells through the process of subtraction. So the stem of the hairs butmainly their follicle is damaged, given that the melanocytes there present their largest concentration.
The hair follicle is in its essence the womb, from which the hair is born and thus its destruction leads to the  gradual wearing out of the hair growth and eventually to its definitive elimination. This specific phenomenon is called “Selective Photothermolysis” and is the basis of laser depilation technology. 

Where Is Laser Αlexandrite Applied? 
Laser Alexandrite is an exceptionally safe option in light coloured skin types, given the fact that it is not absorbed by areas containing melanin. It is also greatly effective for dark coloured, Mediterranean types of skin,  naturally with the most suitable parametres that will be applied by the experts at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab. Laser Alexandrite, however, is not the right choice for very dark coloured or tanned skin, as there is great melanin concentration that absorbs the light energy with potential unpleasant side effects of causing skin burns and then discolouration of the skin or hyperpigmentation. In such cases, Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab recommends alternative methods with respectively satisfatory results. 

Laser Αlexandrite Hair Removal
Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is a quick and relatively pain-free procedure, which may lead to hair elimination within just 6 sessions, even though more sessions are required for the face when it comes to hormone-dependent cases, given the fact that hair decrease is slower that way. Prior to the session, hair trimming is required to approximately 1-2mm, since laser targets the hair follicle and not the stem, leaving the skin surface intact. The trimming process is usually required only in the first session, as the hair becomes weakened by the laser application and will not have grown to such an extent requiring extra care until the next session. 

Which Are the Advantages of Laser Αlexandrite?
Laser Αlexandrite Hair Removal at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab provides a definitive, safe and quick solution. Since it is an amplified monochromatic light, it may be applied already since early puberty and is highly effective even in cases of hormone dependent hair growth, like the one presented during menopause. It is an effective treatment that may be applied literally wherever unwanted hair growth is located. The laser light will offer permanent and definitive results within six to eight repetitions, making your life a lot more care-free, since you will no longer need to worry about the frequent repetitive patterns required by conventional depilation methods. 

How Effective Is Laser Αlexandrite?
The effectiveness of Laser Αlexandrite at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is fast, indisputable and offers immediate and long term effects. The use of Laser Αlexandrite requires a special license obtained by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and may only be adminisered in hospitals and medical clinics. At Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, a special doctor will not only assess the skin condition and its needs, but will also be constantly present to oversee the session and ensure the most immediate and safest results, which will last forever. More than that, we should not forget that Laser Alexandrite may be applied on the face and confront with other issues besides hair growth simultaneously, such as facial folliculitis.
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