Facial Therapies
A non-invasive anti-aging face treatment to reduce wrinkles, improve the pigmentation and texture of the skin leading to visible results from the very first session. 

The experience begins with the 20-minute Tri Pollar RF, which stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen, while shrinking the existing collagen and tightening and the skin. Collagen will continue to be produced in the next few days, improving skin texture and reducing facial wrinkles, while preparing for the second and final phase of the treatment.
Inspired by the skin oxygenation technology, made by natural hot springs, Oxy Geneo technology is made using the Capsugen head -one use per treatment - and a special therapeutic gel. Initially, microexfoliation is performed to better penetrate the active ingredients to the epidermis.
CO2 bubbles, created by the gel, cause the oxygen-enriched blood to rise to the surface and oxygenate the skin while penetrating the active substances. Depending on the individual case of each woman, the needs and condition of her skin, the doctor will choose between the Neo Revive capsule and NeoBright. The former has anti-aging and reconstructive effects, while the second contributes to whitening, shine and nourishment. The treatment is completed with the massage head for even greater absorption of the substances.

Suitable for all skin types, this avant-garde youth platform offers a youthful glow, rejuvenation and firmness to the face, as it does not cause redness and irritation to the skin.

However, for a complete result, 6 sessions repeated every 7-15 days are necessary.
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