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Why Should You Choose Facial Hair Removal?
Nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that hair removal is the answer to all problems related to hair growth, which cannot by definition be dealt with by the most popular method, that of the razor blade. Traditionally, most people would turn to more effective methods like hair removal through waxing, threading, tweezing, even through the use of a sugar-lemon mixture.
These methods, however, would often result in freckles and blemishes, folliculitis, even more intense hair growth.
Facial hair removal using laser recommended by Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is the most advanced and guaranteed to be effective answer to those in search of velvety skin, avoiding at the same time the unpleasant side effects of traditional methods of hair removal, especially when it comes to sensitive skin types which may also be affected by hormonal factors.

How Effective Is Facial Hair Removal Laser?
The effectiveness of laser on the face is indisputable thanks to its impressive, radical results in the safest and quickest manner. In cases of hormonal disorders, given that the face is a hormone dependent area, the laser is the only certain solution for a flawlessly clean, silky soft face forever. Any other method is destined to fail you, whereas laser treatment at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab instantly provides hair growth decrease by up to 80%, without any recovery time and leads to its long-term elimination.  Moreover, it is not necessary to turn to painful and tiresome traditional methods of hair removal, which, besides being ineffective, may also lead to more problems than those that are supposed to treat in the first place. 

In Which Areas Are You Encouraged to Proceed with Facial Hair Removal Laser?
Even though the most popular areas for facial laser include the upper lip and the cheeks, laser hair removal may also be applied with absolute success to women and men on the chin, the cheekbones, the sideburns, the eyebrows and the forehead, the nose and ears, offering a clear result that lasts without the pain and the recovery time and highlighting the natural characteristics of the face, which looks more glowing,  healthier and tighter and boosts your confidence. There is no limitation as to the parts of the face where laser hair removal by Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab may be applied and therefore many people select the full face laser hair removal from the beginning.
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