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Topical Weight  
Topical weight, which is accumulated selectively at specific points, consists of an excessive number of adipocytes, the volume of which has increased up to 60 times, causing and retaining fluids and preventing the elimination of waste substances from the body. Unfortunately, topical weight does not improve with nutrition or even with intense exercise. This fat occurs in women mainly in the thigh / buttocks, abdomen and in men mainly in the abdomen.

Specifically, depending on the concentration of fat in the body, we distinguish the following body types:
  • Pear Body: The classic body type of Mediterranean women characterized by a narrow waist, while the hips are larger than the circumference of the chest. The unnecessary fat in this body type tends to concentrate on the hips, thighs and back, while the hands and feet are usually thin.
  • Apple Body: In this body type, the trunk is round and bulky, as the fat is deposited in the belly and stomach, the arms are flaccid, while the legs, the buttocks and the back are flat. This body type is more common in men than in women.
  • Banana Body: Individuals with this body type usually have thin and long arms and legs, but not toned up, and generally have little storage of fat. Fat is distributed to the abdomen, buttocks, chest and face, but no curves are created.
  • Hourglass Body: The most attractive, according to men, female body type is characterized by full and broad hips and rich chest, while the waist is extremely thin, creating this characteristic shape of the hourglass, where fat is mainly concentrated on the thighs and hands.

At Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, specialized dermatologists and plastic surgeons suggest treatments, more or less invasive, based on each individual's own needs.
  • Lipolysis with Mesotherapy: Lipolysis Mesotherapy is a non-surgical aesthetic solution that aims to eliminate the phenomenon of topical weight. At Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, the treatment is performed by a specialized dermatologist or plastic surgeon who, using multiple small injections, pours on the skin a mixture of ingredients that includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, plant extracts and minerals. Mesotherapy can chisel body areas with topical fat like buttocks and love handles. 
  • Cryolipolysis: Cryolipolysis is a method that removes topical fat without a scalpel, injections or anesthesia. It is a non-surgical, clinically proven procedure that selectively reduces unwanted fat using cooling technology. The targeted adipocytes of the body are cooled and thus a natural, controlled loss of these adipocytes is achieved without affecting the skin tissue surrounding them. The method of cryolipolysis is based on the principle of cold: when fat cells are exposed to severe cold, they die and are eliminated naturally by the body.
  • Laser Lipolysis: Laser lipolysis applied at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is a non-invasive laser treatment using the latest technology for liposuction without surgery. The laser light beam is passed through a thin optical fiber that moves beneath the skin into the areas to be treated. So, in about three months, fat absorption has been achieved and the body has restored the area, giving you the vigor you have lost over the years.
  • Cavitation: Through the action of ultrasound, Cavitation therapy generates small bubbles of air into the adipocytes, which are pooled and broken, causing lipocyte lysis. Subsequently, adipocyte content is passed through the lymphatic circulation. Treatment removes fat cells, tightens skin and eliminates cellulite.
  • CaviLipo Treatment: A new treatment that combines Liposuction Mesotherapy and Cavitation treatment, aiming at permanent and impressive results even for the most difficult cases that have unsuccessfully tried everything.
  • Abdominoplasty: Abdominoplasty is the surgical procedure designed to remove the excess fat and skin in the middle and lower abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. It is an intervention that applies to both men and women.
  • Brachinoplasty: Restoration of arm relaxation is treated with surgical removal of skin just inside the axillary countries with a "V" cut shape that is hidden by closing the arm. It is appropriate for cases that can not be improved by exercise and nutrition because there is great relaxation.
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