Liposculpture / Lipolysis
Liposculpture improves body shape, removing fat accumulated on respective places and targeting the beautification of multiple body spots simultaneously. 
Lipolysis Mesotherapy
One of the most important tools of the experts in the field of beauty is mesotherapy, which has been known since the mid-1950s. This treatment started becoming better known, especially when chemical materials were replaced by pouring more natural toxins. The term mesotherapy is not targeted to a specific treatment, but refers to a sputtering technique previously performed on the mesoderm. Nowadays, these spills can be made at different levels, but there is always a prerequisite for multiple small spills to disperse the substances we use.
Lipolysis mesotherapy has its roots in France, where it has been widely applied for the last 30 to 40 years. Cosmetic medicine is now practicing it with great success by tackling the problem of localised fat. Usually 2 to 4 sessions with 2 to 4 week intervals are required. Depending on the area, the number of sessions may increase. It does not consist of overweight people, but those who want to correct defects and sculpt their bodies.
Lipolysis Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic solution that aims to eliminate the phenomenon of localised fat. At Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab, the treatment is performed by a specialised dermatologist or plastic surgeon, who, with small multiple injections, pours on the skin a mixture of ingredients that includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, plant extracts and minerals. Mesotherapy can sculpt body areas that have localised fat like buttocks and well-known love handles.

Details on Lipolysis and Liposculpture Laser lipolysis
Laser lipolysis and liposculpture at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is a non-invasive laser therapy of cutting-edge technology for liposuction without surgery. The laser light beam is passed through a thin optical fiber that moves beneath the skin into the areas to be treated. So, in about three months, fat absorption has been achieved and the body has restored the area, giving the vigor that had been lost over the years.

Where Is Lipolysis and Liposculpture Laser Performed?
Lipolysis and liposculpture laser at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is applied to remove persistent fat concentrations in difficult areas of the body such as the cheeks, chin, waist, hips, arms, lower abdomen, inner thighs, etc. These areas are resistant to treatment restricted to diet or exercise, and, with the application of laser lipolysis and liposculpture, the risks associated with traditional procedures such as traditional liposuction are reduced at the same time. 

Where Is Lipolysis Laser Applied?
Laser lipolysis at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is applied by inserting a thin metal catheter with the special optical fiber under the skin, where it emits a relatively low-energy laser that selectively destroys the adipocytes and converts them into an oily substance that gets gradually absorbed and excreted by the body naturally over the next few weeks. As a rule, there is no liposuction but lipolysis that helps to prevent damage to local vessels and aesthetic nerves. However, it has been observed that in some cases it may be more beneficial due to the speed and the results it offers compared to other liposuction methods. 
In addition, the low laser energy helps in the production and rearrangement of collagen fibers in the skin, resulting in firming it. Most of the time, a treatment session per area is sufficient. However, it all depends on the amount of fat to be removed and on whether it is estimated that the result can and should be improved. Recovery is usually rapid and rest is initially recommended for one hour immediately after surgery, but the return to routine activities may take place the following day. It is better to avoid intense physical activity or sports for one to two weeks after this procedure.
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