Cellulite and Local Thickness
Cellulite and Local Thickness
Annoying "love handles" and cellulitis are indeed the deposition of water and fat between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. It is due to poor perfusion and swelling of the lipids in the specific area of the body that appears. Connective tissue loses its elasticity and skin presents a picture that looks like orange peel.

Cellulitis affects the overwhelming majority of women, be it just a few pounds or more. Clearly, the accumulation of local fat favors its appearance or exacerbates its condition.
Cellulitis usually occurs in the thighs, buttocks, stomach, abdomen, calves and inside the arms. It is attributable to sedentary lifestyle, reduced physical activity, inappropriate nutrition, blood disorders or hormonal disorders, heredity, smoking, frequent and high alcohol consumption. The term cellulitis is rather unfortunate, because it is not inflammation, but for the deposition of "stuffed" adipocytes in different parts of the body.

There are three types of cellulitis defining its severity:

Stage A: Low grade cellulitis and occurs only after pinching the area.
Stage B: Medium grade cellulitis, also known as edema, is only visible in a standing position.
Stage C: Solid cellulite that is visible both in standing and lying down.

Nowadays, the solution against cellulitis and local thickness seems to have ceased to be sought in methods such as lymphatic massage, and the Cavitation technology is preferred.
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