Body Threads
PDO thread technique applied at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab is an innovative and safe method that reduces loose body and gives a sense of lifting to the loose tissues without a scalpel!

Bloodless Body Lifting Using Threads
Applying bio-absorbable threads to the body is an innovative and safe method to combat loose skin and is basically used with great success for the recovery of body areas without surgery.
PDO threads are medical threads, which, when inserted into the skin, trigger the production of collagen in the body and directly lift the buttocks, arm, belly and the inside of the thighs without surgery or total anesthesia. With a very fine needle we create an inner mesh in the skin to support and repair the tissues. At the same time, the application activates fibroblasts and they produce collagen!
PDO threads have unrivaled advantages such as short clinic time, lack of cuts and scars, immediate and long-lasting results, and full absorption with the guarantee, of course, of Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab.

How Is Bloodless Body Lifting Performed? 
PDO threads are actually surgical, absorbable threads that have been safely used for several years in the medical field. These threads are inserted into the skin without incisions by means of a long, particularly fine needle. They are placed either vertically or horizontally at the points that need to be clamped in such a way as to create a mesh that will lift the skin, in areas such as the inside of the thighs, the knees, the abdomen and the inside of the arms. The insertion is done using simple local anesthesia and the number of threads to be used is not predetermined, but depends on the exact area and nature of the problem. 

What Is Used in Thread Lifting? 
The specific theads are made of two substances, polyactic acid and polydioxanone (PDO). Over time, these substances are hydrolyzed slowly and predictably, thus they are absorbed from the surrounding tissue of the area in which they were applied. This ensures that you will not have a foreign object within your skin. 

Given that threads are applied to different areas of the body, they are available in sizes and diameters depending on the area and the problem we wish to correct. The specialised plastic surgeons and dermatologists at Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab are responsible for defining both the number and the diameter of the threads to be applied.

How Effective Is Bloodless Thread Lifting? 
Since threads are of different sizes and diameters, Dermatology & Cosmetics Lab's specialised dermatologists and plastic surgeons can apply them by achieving immediate firming and uplifting of buttocks, thighs, arms, chest and abdomen. The biodegradation of the threads takes place within 6 months, when it is completely absorbed. However, during this time, the body has created a grid of collagen and elastic fibers around the threads we placed and for this reason the effects of the treatment last for twelve to twenty-four months.
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